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  • Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN Power Washing

    Power washing from the exterior painting experts at CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN

    Edina, MN Power Washing  

    CertaPro Painters is the largest painting service franchise in North America, with over 320 franchise locations across the US and Canada. CertaPro prides themselves on their attention to detail on each and every job, and their exterior painting service involves much more than just applying paint to a building’s exterior. The first step of any exterior painting job is to clean the surface area for the project. This process often involves power washing your home to insure cleanliness.

    Our painting services can use different types of power washing depending on your home and the type of job. Power washing can be performed on wood, granite, asphalt, bricks, and aluminum. Before we brush a single stroke of paint onto your home, they use the correct cleaning materials and the right PSI to clean your unique home. Exterior painting is a complex project from start to finish, and the professionals at CertaPro have been trained to use the necessary power washing equipment safely and effectively. To ensure safety, the CertaPro Painter’s professionals take the necessary precautions before beginning. Power washing in Edina, MN can be dangerous for many reasons; the power washing device itself is extremely powerful and can even knock large men off-balance. The device is powerful enough to reach high areas of multiple-story buildings. Glass windows are another danger point when using a power washer because they may crack or even shatter under the pressure of the washer. Exterior painting crews from CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN have been trained to safely use power washers, and are able to clean dirt and scum from even the smallest crevices of your home.

    Exterior painting from CertaPro Painters usually follows a five-step process: washing, surface preparation, painting, cleaning, and inspection. The first step, washing, is the foundation of the entire project. Our Edina, MN power washing process will prepare your painting project for success from the very beginning. Precision and professionalism from CertaPro Painters will give your house the look and feel of a brand new home! Give CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN a call to get your painting project underway today!

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