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    4 environmental paint tips from your local paint experts - CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN

    Painting might look like one of the easiest things in the world, but is it really? There’s a lot more to redecorating your home than buying a bucket and brush and splashing a new color on your walls. CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN has been painting residential and commercial properties for years. Here are 4 paint tips that we believe that everybody should know when it comes to painting – with a heads-up to respecting our environment:

    • Use ALL your paint: there’s always going to be leftover paint. But don’t throw it out! An extra coat gives extra protection to your walls, and you can always share with your neighbor, or keep the bucket for touch-up jobs later on.
    • Cleaning: when it’s time to clean your brushes and rollers, it’s really important to get as much paint off before cleaning them under the tap. Not only will it be easier to clean them, you’re preventing paint from going into the ground and into freshwater streams.
    • Use Water-based paint: acrylic-latex paint is growing in popularity and can be used on a variety of surfaces. They don’t have so many solvents in them, making them a popular choice for people who care about the environment.
    • Bag it up: if your painting project is going to take more than a day to complete, don’t waste time cleaning up your tools at the end of the day. You can wrap them up in a plastic bag and store them in a cool place: the paint won’t dry out overnight, and you’ll be able to resume painting as usual the next day.

    For more environmentally friendly paint tips, why not call up CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN today and book a free consultation session with one of our expert painters. You’re under no obligation to hire us, but we will provide you with expert advice and a free estimate for the work you’re considering getting done. Book today and schedule at a time of your convenience!


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