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  • Kids Room Paint Ideas

    Kids room paint ideas - 3 fun ideas your child will love

    Edina, MN Kids Room Paint IdeasWhen it comes to decorating your child's room, just about anything goes! One rule of thumb, according to CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN, is to use bright, cheerful colors. But why stop there? Here are some Edina, MN kid's room paint ideas that are in style at the moment, and bound to bring a smile to your kid's face!

    • Ceiling Fun: accent walls -- where one wall is a different color to the others in a room -- are in vogue at the moment, but what about a fun take on the subject with an "accent ceiling"? Glow in the dark stars can be used to create a galaxy for kids interested in space, while bright colors can make a ceiling a bright splash of color in an otherwise neutral room.
    • Murals: murals are another great spin on the idea of an accent wall -- but instead of one color, why not create a mural? One great way to personalize a wall is to create a scene from your kid's favorite cartoon, but it may be a safer bet to simply create a scene - a woodland forest, a medieval castle and an Arabian Nights tent are all great ways to give your kids a room that's fit for their imagination to roam around in.
    • Creative Walls: As a parent, you know that when kids are at a certain age, nothing is safe from their crayon -- least of all your walls! Setting aside one wall for them to draw on is a great way to let them express their creativity -- using chalkboard paint means that their creations can be wiped clean and started again.

    These are just some ideas that kids will love in their bedroom. One important thing to consider as a parent is how long it will be before they grow out of it. If you want to redecorate as they grow, go wild! But if you're looking for one design to fit their whole childhood, consider what designs work best and will grow up with your children.

    If you've found some great inspiration from Edina, MN kid's room paint ideas, but don't know how to implement them, why not give CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN a call? Speak with one of our friendly representatives today and arrange a free, no-obligations consultation and estimate session with one of our professional painters to come visit your home at a time of your choosing. We'll be able to help you decide on the best colors and ideas that will work for your kid, and maybe even give you a new flash of inspiration!

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