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  • Hiring a House Painting Contractor

    Hiring a house painting contractor can be tricky. CertaPro Painters provides you with tips for hiring the right painting contractor for the job.

    Edina, MN House Painting Contractor Are you feeling surprised that a simple task such as selecting an interior painter could put your house ownership at risk? You could understand an exterior painter doing a terrible job and making your home a blot in the neighborhood, but losing your home?

    The fact is, many people put themselves at risk when hiring painting services because they don’t know what questions to ask.  As a company with years of experience in the industry, Our Edina, MN house painting contractor team can show you which types of painter you’re better off avoiding –and why.

    • Avoid hiring contractors who use illegal immigrants – they may be cheaper, but are they insured? One accident could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars – which could eat up all your finances, leaving your most valuable asset at grave risk.
    • Always check for insurance and the legal status of the business – a reputable house painting contractor will always come to visit you first, and walk you through a check list to make sure that you get the best interior painting at a price you can afford.
    • The Handyman – every town has someone who can do all sorts of little odd-jobs for a very low price. Some are good, and some are just ‘cowboys’! If you’re looking for someone to do some exterior painting, it’s far better to hire a professional who can make sure the job lasts for years – and doesn’t come off in the next thunderstorm.
    • Time and materials only – if you find a painter who will paint at an hourly rate if you supply the materials (all of the materials!), it might seem like a fantastic bargain. But who is really left taking on the risk and now-useless materials if the painting is less-than-stellar?

    There are painters out there who are professionals; licensed, insured, and able to provide you will glowing references – not potential problems. Their services are affordable, and they will leave your house looking amazing.

    Affordable, quality painting is a competitive business, with many companies offering different rates – meaning you can go shopping around for estimates with qualified professionals and find out what the best painting solution is for you.

    Painting is a skill that takes years to acquire – a professional finish is the end-result of years of training and knowledge. CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN can provide free, professional consultations – call now to get started!

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