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  • Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN Exterior Paint Colors

    Have CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN help you with exterior paint colors of your home.

      Edina, MN Exterior Paint Colors

    People usually decide within a matter of seconds whether or not they like the exterior of your house. Create a great first impression by selecting CertaPro Painters as your painting company. Our painting contractors can help you select exterior paint colors for your Edina, MN home that will have all of the neighbors and other onlookers in utter awe. By using curb appeal, you’re adding significant value to your home.

    When painting the exterior of your home, consider these following ideas:

    • When selecting exterior paint colors, coordinate with your home’s existing features such as the landscaping, roof shingles, stone accents, brick accents, or deck. Choose a color palette that visually brings together all of your house’s existing elements. 
    • Take notice of which direction your home is facing as this plays a huge factor in terms of the paint color. Colors appear cooler when facing north and warmer when facing south. 
    • Generally speaking, exterior painting is best done during the late summer or early fall when the temperatures outside are fairly mild. With exterior painting, you’ll want to pay extra close attention to extreme temperatures and moisture levels as the quality of exterior paint can be ruined by these factors. 
    • Don’t forget about the front door as a great place to add a dash of bold color. A dark blue or bright red paint color may just add the right pop of color to the exterior of your home! Take a look at some painting advice from the experts before choosing your colors.

    For other paint color ideas, browse CertaPro Painters’s Portfolio pages. If you would like to schedule an Edina, MN exterior paint colors consultation, call us today!

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