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  • Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN Epoxy Flooring Coating

    CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN’s epoxy flooring finishes.

    Protect your concrete flooring with an epoxy finish. The house painting experts of CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN can apply an epoxy flooring finish to the flooring of your residential garage, warehouse, automotive facility or industrial kitchen. We can customize the epoxy finish to your preference. Epoxy flooring finishes are available in a broad range of colors to suit your personal taste and style. We also have a variety of color flake combinations if you prefer the speckled epoxy look.

    CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN’s Application Process

    As with every painting project, the most important part is the surface preparation. CertaPro Painter’s application process starts with one of our house painting contractors cleaning the concrete surface and checking for any damages to the concrete. All holes and cracks will be fixed so that the epoxy paint can set properly. We then etch the floor using a bristle broom so that the paint can adhere to the floor.

    A house painting contractor will mix the epoxy flooring paint with the hardener until the mixture is fully blended while waiting for the concrete to dry. We then apply a primer and an epoxy base coat to the concrete floor. Lastly, a topcoat is applied which acts as a protective barrier. Epoxy finishes need to dry for at least a day before it will be ready for foot traffic.

    Benefits to Hiring a Professional Contractor

    Installing epoxy finishes can be a difficult process—especially if it’s your first time. When it comes to epoxy flooring in Edina, MN, you have to make sure you use the right techniques and have the timing down exactly or else the epoxy paint won’t cure properly. Once the epoxy paint is combined with the hardener, you only have about two hours to work with the material. We can work quickly while maintaining high quality standards. Save yourself the trouble by hiring CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN to apply your epoxy floor coating.

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