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    Employment Information - CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN
    The best painters can work anywhere, with anyone. They’re always in demand. CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN hires only the best painters. And the best, most experienced, serious painters want to join our team. If this describes you and how you feel about being a painting professional, then CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN wants to talk with you.
    CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St Louis Park, MN has the same high standards that you do. We don’t want painters – we want the best painters in the industry. We’re growing and need talented painters who take this profession seriously and know how to take care of customers.
    Advantages of working with CertaPro:
    • We invest heavily in marketing and advertising to keep you busy with steady work. Our painters are almost always busy, taking great care of our clients. We have fewer days off than our competition. That means you’re earning consistently.
    • You take care of the customer. We take care of the business. CertaPro takes care of the “business of running the business” – the sales, marketing and administrative aspects of the business. This keeps you free to focus on the job and the customer.
    • You keep your own team and recruit your own guys. It’s up to you who you work with.
    • You get your money fast – just a few days after the job is completed.
    • You maintain your independence and you’re in charge of your projects.
    • We are a stable, established company, so you have the peace of mind that you will be able to continue to follow your dreams with us in the future.
    • We’re locally owned and operated. We’re part of the community, just like you.
    • Commercial & Residential. Interiors and exteriors. Subcontractors and employees. 

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CertaPro Painters of Minneapolis South & St. Louis Park, MN
Interior and Exterior House Painting Professionals
7333 Gallagher Drive, Suite 139
Edina, MN 55435
Phone: 800-462-3782